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Week one of Winter Term….

So its already week one of winter term and it seems like it should only be halfway through fall term!  I love how Augustana does trimesters instead of the semester schedule.  Instead of having to worry about five classes at a time, we only have to worry about four and occasionally only three.  Yes, these classes do move faster because they have to cover everything in only ten weeks, but because you only have up to four classes, I feel like I have more time to do the work for them.  We just finished our fall term so  we had a first week off of school for break; while normally, college students wold not get a break until thanksgiving, making this fall fly by.  So far my experience at Augustana has been nothing but great.  All of my professors seem to truly care about how I am doing, all the students have been extremely friendly, and I know that its only going to get better!

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