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Registration, a Pain in my…?

So I had my first taste of college registration last week. Meeting with my advisor I was confident, I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. For the first time I was choosing my own classes, not based on  what a test place me in, or the regular math, english, and science requirements of high school; but what interest me the most.

Unfortunately the things that seem the simplest and easy in life, all ways turn out to be difficult. My registration time was at 6:30 that night, so I thought I would try and get the upper hand. I logged into Web Advisor at 5:55 to review that classes I had pre-registered for and maybe take a look and possibly see if a class, that I wanted, that was previously closed maybe had an opening. By 6:15 I was set and the only thing that I needed was for the clock to hit 6:30 and register for the classes I had picked. I guess life was bored and decided it wanted to have fun at my expense, cause as soon as it 6:30 Web Advisor went down and I wasn’t able to register.

Being a novice to this situation I panicked and didn’t know what to do. I thought the system was over crowded with  other people trying to register, and that I wouldn’t get any of the classes I hoped for. In matter of an hour, I went through the 7 stages of grief over this issue.

  1. Shock and Denial, I couldn’t believe that the system went down right at that moment. I restarted my computer like 10 times.
  2. Pain and Guilt, maybe god was punishing me for something I did earlier that day…lol
  3. Anger & Bargaining, I used some word I shouldn’t have and i threw my cell phone (Sorry about that phone you know I love you)
  4. Depression, I was resigned to the fact not only was it going to be winter term and snow would be on the ground,  but my class schedule would be horrible.
  5. Upward turn, I called the IT department and found out that no one was able to use the system and they were working on, and close to getting it back up.
  6. Reconstruction and working through, the call to the IT department made me feel and a lot better after a few deep breathes I was calm.
  7. Acceptance and Hope, the web site finally was up I began to log in ok with the fact that some of my classes might be full at this point, but happy to get this over with.

After that spill of emotions I listened to my favorite song Pretty Wings by R&B singer Maxwell and began feeling a lot calmer! (uploaded with the blog  you should listen to it) At 7:30 when I was finally able to get into Web Advisor , only one of the classes I wanted to take was full. Still a little upset cause it was Intro into Sociology, which is a requirement for my major,  I was a disappointed. But thanks to an understanding Professor I was able to get an add slip into the class. So although at the time it didn’t seem like it everything would work out, it did. College is great;  everything is a learning experiences, and I love it.

Goal of the week: “Keep hope alive” when anything  bad happens, chances are it will get better and work itself out!

Pretty Wings

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