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Football Game with Kristina

Football Game with Kristina

My sophomore year is still very busy and I am going into Week 7. Wow, time is flying by. This past weekend, I went home and it was great to relax with my family and catch up on work. This weekend, I plan to relax and work ahead because next week is going to very busy! Tonight, I may go see a movie in Olin or see the UNYK show.Next week is Homecoming Week 2009 =)

Some highlights from Homecoming Week include the Sing and Yell competitions,  the homecoming football game versus Illinois Wesleyan, and various other activities with my sorority. I am soo excited! However, I will be adding to that schedule work, registering for classes, meetings for the pre-law club/ mock trial team, two tests, a paper, a presentation, and various writing assignments.

I am also up for a challenge.Also, we are just starting preparing for our case for Augustana’s Mock Trial Team.  We have a lot of work ahead of us! Only a few team members have any previous knowledge of mock trial procedure and we are going to regionals in February. What we lack in experience, we can make up in passion and hard work. I am ready to kick butt!

After homecoming ends, I am looking forward to Halloween. My sorority is having a halloween date party 🙂 I bought a bumblebee costume when I was home. I just to find a date!

Some songs I like right now :

Down ( featuring lil Wayne) by Jay Sean

Amazing  Josh Kelley

Move Shake Drop Remix DJ Lax, Flo Rida etc….

Everything Michael Buble

The whole Fearless album by Taylor Swift

<3 Karalyn

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