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“Friends How Many of Us have Them”

One of the scariest things about leaving high school and going away to college is the fesr of being alone and losing those close friends, in which you have been acustomed to. But its one of the best feelings in the world when you meet a new friend and you wonder “where has this person been all of my life.”

When your feeling your worst out of nowhere she says something to make you smile, and no matter how bad you want to stay in you sad frame of mind you cant because before you realize it she has you laughing. You cant wait to ask her about life before college because all of her stories from back home are hilarous. She has her own taste in music but is willing to listen and appercaite yours. You have the same sense of humor in more ways then one, and you are able to laugh at each other when other people don’t get it. You could even be working out in Pepisco pick her up off the ground  spin her around, and in the process loose your balance and drop her on the floor, and being the fantastic person she is, she doesn’t get angry but laughs a little and tell you its okay!

There is only one person I could think of, that I would marry have 15 kids and star in a reality show set in Wood Stock with. Until you have a friend that you can do this with you don’t know the real meaning of friendship lol.

Dedicated to and Inspired by Erika Headlin!

Goal of the week: Find that one true friend

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