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Track at Augustana

Hey everyone!

Wow has this first term went by!!!  It seems like just yesterday I was moving everything in to my dorm, and going to my first track practice.  I remember being so nervous to go to my first practice because I did not know what to expect at all.  I did not know what the guys were like, how our workouts were, or how the coach was, but now that I have been going for 6 weeks now, I realize that track here is not just about running.  Track here at Augie, and all the other sports and organizations here for that matter, are not focused entirely on their activity; instead, it is about becoming a family.  I remember the first day of track and how inviting everyone was.  They all came up and introduced themselves and asked what I ran and just some things about me, but it did not feel like they had to.  The team made it seem like they actually cared and were interested in me.  The coach was extremely inviting and took time to discuss with everyone how they were feeling about coming into college and to make sure we knew that he was there if we ever needed anything and that his goal was not only to make us into better athletes, but to make these next four years the best years of our lives and into a better person, and so far he has succeeded.  I have had nothing but awesome experiences from all the athletes and coaches, making my transition into college 100 times easier because I know that if i ever needed anything one of the guys would be there to help out in an instant.

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