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Bye, Doc!

If you’re a member/friend/fan/follower of the Augustana music department, you might have heard about the recent excitement in the Symphonic Band. Our conductor, Dr. Lambrecht (more commonly known as Doc) was invited last spring to conduct the Musashino Wind Ensemble in Tokyo, Japan.  He is the only conductor from a private college like Augustana to ever be invited to be in this position.

Last Saturday, we had  send-off concert for him that was held at North Scott High School in Eldridge, Iowa.  Putting the concert together in 4 weeks was a whirlwind and not without its difficulties.  However, the concert went really well and we were able to all play as an ensemble under Doc’s direction one last time before he left for Japan.  There were lots of our friends and family members in attendance and even my mom and dad showed up to say goodbye to Doc and show their support!

As I write, Doc is currently on a plane somewhere between here and Tokyo on his way to spend 10 weeks with this fabulous ensemble.  He sent us a touching e-mail with some last-minute sentiments last night before he left.  He said,

“Musashino Wind Ensemble is a fantastic opportunity for me, but it will go far beyond that to become
an opportunity for all of us, even if it’s simply the pedagogical and musical experiences I will bring home.
It will be a great honor to be with them for 10 weeks, but the highest honor is to stand in front of you every day,
work hard and make music that reaches and changes the lives of our audiences.  Don’t ever forget that.”
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss him while he’s gone.  It will be weird not seeing his jolly face around Bergendoff every day or hearing him crack Iowa jokes every time I walk past his office.  I know this will be a great experience for him and I can’t wait to hear about all the fun he has in Japan.  He is an incredible person who totally deserves this opportunity and I know he will make the most of every minute!
We have a new conductor, Mr. Polancich, coming to conduct us while Doc is gone.  We got to meet him a few weeks ago and he seems like he is going to be a great director in Doc’s absence.  We start our first rehearsal with him in an hour and a half, so that is kind of exciting!
For more on Doc’s trip, you can check out
and Doc if you’re reading this, please go eat some sushi for me!!!

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