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Finally getting adjusted to college….

Hey everyone,

Were now halfway through the first trimester and I finally feel like I’m getting used to the college life.  At first it was weird trying to juggle the homework load and all the extra free time.  In high school, I hardly ever had any homework and if I did, I finished it all during school because I was always busy after school.  Then when I come to college, I feel like I never am in class.  I’m not used to not having to go to class everyday from 730am-240pm and then going to practice right after.  Now I have class on average about two to three hours a day and then track for two hours after my classes are over, leaving me a lot of free time.

At first, I used this free time to hang with my friends or do other non-school related things and I would leave my homework for the night before it was due.  I soon realized the reason I get all this free time is so that I can complete my homework for my classes and study.  Now, instead of just hanging out with friends between classes, I am working on homework with them.  We will go to the Brew by the slough and study for our test the next day or do our paper that is due in two days, just so we stay on top of our homework.  Since doing this, I have noticed that I am not as stressed anymore or crammed at night to get my stuff done.  Another plus is my grades, since doing my homework throughout the week, instead of the day before, I have noticed an increase in my grades.  Not only that but after dinner I have time to do what I want, for example, going to bad mitten club, playing madden with the guys, and watching a movie with some friends.

Overall, getting used to college has been a really good thing.  I have come to realize how to make better use of my time and keep on top of my studies.  I can not wait for the next few years to see how much college shapes me in other ways that I know i will benefit from.

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