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Everything Seems to Happen at Once…but Life Goes on

Hey everybody I’m back

It hasn’t been the best week for me. For starters my laptop decided it wants to take a break and only stay on for 60 seconds at a time.  I took it to the IT departmeant on Wednesday and its been there eversince I really hope they can fixit. Thanks to that little fact I had the pleasure of redoing a LSFY paper and Public Policy paper from memory which was fun! Then I came down with an annoying cold, throw in a couple of fights with the ex over the weekend and you have the makings for a shitty week. For the first time since leaving home and starting school I found myself felling a little home sick, and I realized that’s totally fine. As long as the things you’re missing are the things that are good for you and bring good things into your life. Like family, and that small group of reliable and trustworthy friends. Everything else its best if you let it go. A lot of us have started big new chapters in our life and are not taking full advantage because of that little voice that maybe reminding us, of what we leftbehind, not everything is meant to last, as a matter of fact most things aren’t. Its easy to get caught up in what was or what could have been, trust me I know. But we all need to start looking forward. Time for new memories and new opportunities. Take the time you spend thinking about the pass and things left behind and focus it on something new!

Goal of the week: Instead of thinking about negative past memories, replace by do something to make a fun new one!

Don’t forget to say whats up when you see me passing by!


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