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So Close, But Yet So Far….

Hey everyone!

This is my first blog entry so bear with me….. but anyways I am a freshmen here at Augustana and just thought I would say how much I LOVE it so far!!!  At first when I was deciding on which college to attend, I always kept Augustana out of my top choices.  I did this because I literally live right across the river in Bettendorf, Iowa and I thought that if I went to college close to home, it would not feel like college.  Wow was I wrong.  I have only been home one time in the past three weeks and that was only because I had family dinner for my birthday.  Most of my new friends have been home more than me and they live over 3 hours away!!!  I give credit to what we call the “Augie Bubble”.  For those who haven’t heard about this, it refers to the fact that when walking around campus and just being a student here, people forget where they are and do not need to think about leaving, or I guess just have so many opportunities and things to do they do not worry.  So just thought I would write this so people who are nervous to attend Augie because it is to close to home or because they feel they wont have much to do, and remember that I originally did not want to attend college so close to home and now that I am here, I would not go any other place.  Well I have to go to track now so I will write soon!!

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