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Things that make me cry

If you’re familiar with the hymn, I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry, and you’re anything like me, you can’t make it through the first verse without a little tear leaking from your eye.  It’s a beautiful hymn about how God is always there for us from the time we are born, through our childhood, teen years, marriage, middle age, old age, and even after death.  It also holds a double meaning for me as I think about my parents and how they have been there for me my whole life and will always be with me in some capacity as I continue to live by the values they have taught me.  I have sung this song at the funerals of some very special people, and I think of them every time I sing it. It’s a beautiful tune with very eloquently written words that just has a way of getting to me every time.

As it turns out, this hymn has ended up being a big part of my week, which is kind of random.

My mom called me on Sunday and told me that she gets to play piano on Thursday with the composer who wrote this hymn. It is both of our favorite church piece of all time, and has some special meaning for us, so of course I was really excited for her!  She is filling in for our organist at a pastors’ meeting at our church and it turns out that this guy is coming in to be a guest musician along with a violinist from another church in town.  She got to talk to him on the phone earlier this week, they rehearsed last night, and the big night is tomorrow!

Now fast forward to today.  I sit down in chapel and guess what song we’re singing?  Borning Cry! It was so ironic.  And true to form, I did get a little teary, although I tried my best to hold it together because I was also communion assisting and had to maintain my composure for that.  It’s weird how things just sometimes fall into place like that.  It was also appropriate that we sung the song today because I have recently been thinking a lot about being a child and growing up and looking at my future.  We’ve been house shopping for senior year all week, and I feel like I’m too young to be talking about things like house payments and utilities.  Earlier today my dad e-mailed me a letter I had written to him after my first 2 weeks in college and I was amazed at how much I have changed since then.  Then this evening, I got to visit the Wiklunds, a family I babysit for in Davenport, and their little girl, Sophie, has grown up so much since I last saw her.  And just on my way to chapel I was talking with a friend about how the next few years are going to fly by so quickly.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was strongly reminded of this song at a really good time in my life.  It’s nice to be reminded that even though growing up is inevitable, I will always have people around me who will support me and will be there for me no matter what.

Now that’s making me cry!

<3 Katrina

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