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Welcome, Class of 2013!

Hello all!

This past weekend was our “Fall Connection” (otherwise known as freshman orientation).  As a peer mentor, I got to be fully involved in this awesome, jam-packed weekend filled with lots of fun and new friends!  The first-year and transfer students got to do all kinds of awesome activities including a riverboat ride on the Mississippi, seeing many of their new classmates get hypnotized, have lunch with their faculty advisor, attend an activities fair with representatives from ALL of our student organizations, and make lots of new friends- all within 4 days!

I especially liked the Saturday Community Connection in which we went out into the community to do some campus clean-up projects.  I got to work with our neighbors in the Keystone neighborhood cleaning up an alley near campus.  It was really a learning experience for me to find out how friendly our neighbors are and how eager they are to partner with Augustana students to improve our community.  We really liked talking with the neighbors, and they even invited us to their pancake breakfast and neighborhood garage sale next weekend!  (I am looking for a coffee table…)

After spending this jam-packed weekend with the Class of 2013, I have to say that I am excited to have them as a part of Augustana.  They seem like a great group with lots of energy and a lot to contribute to our campus and our community.  I hope that their next 4 years will be filled with lots of great experiences, meaningful learning, and as much fun as possible! 


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