A window inside life at Augustana College

Forget the Freshman 15…the Freshman Flu is much worse!

Sickness is a part of every day life. We all strongly dislike it, but sadly, we have to deal with it. With sickness comes more sickness, etc etc. Sickness keeps us from doing the things we enjoy doing, and especially the things that we don’t enjoy doing (hooray!). Everyone remembers how things went when we […]


Hello Augie friends!  I don’t normally talk about touchy topics, but my goal with this blog is to not only take you through my amazing Augie experience, but to also really understand the different experiences students have and how Augie is not just a school, but a family.  The programs we have here are wonderful […]


Today is the marking remembrance of 14 years since the tragic morning that occurred, scarring the lives of many across the nation.  One thing is clear though; we will never forget that traumatizing day.  I will say that I won’t forget that morning on 9/11/2001 for the fact that all I could understand at the […]

What is it like being an Augustana Viking?

We have all heard about my blabbing experience thus far as an Augustana Viking, but what about some of the other exotic Freshmen, who are just now taking a step into a WHOLE NEW WORLD?  I personally went around and asked some of my fellow classmates to get an insight of what their personal experience has […]

My Unofficial Tour of Westerlin’s New J-Wing

FULL DISCLOSURE: I moved into college for the first time fully expecting my dorm to smell like old people and look like the aftermath of a horror film scene. I was extremely surprised (and internally relief-sighing) at my newly renovated dorm in Westerlin’s Jenny Lind wing. Renovations to the wing include: New doors & windows, new […]


Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s weekend went well!  I have to say that this weekend has been the longest one yet, obviously.  I will say that there’s a lot I can say that came out of this long weekend, and what stuck with me was that you should always be smart about your decision-making and […]

Living Every Moment…

What does it mean when someone says, “live your life to the fullest?”  All I can say is, living is something you should be doing every day.  Don’t waste a single moment, because each minute and every second has a value of truth in it.  Last night and tonight were perfect examples of getting myself […]

Brand New Day @Augie

Last year was old news and the dramas of high school have drifted away, but most importantly, the page has turned and a new chapter is about to start.  Yes, I know leaving the nest where all your blankies and plush animals are laying can be hard, but to think that you have some new […]

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