A window inside life at Augustana College

“Savage” and “Fleek” and “Bae”…Oh My!

Recently, while at dinner with a group of friends, someone mentioned how they were surprised by the new slang that kids are usin’ nowadays. We all harrumphed and chortled at the notion of these youngins and their semantics antics. Why were we laughing? Well, that’s yet to be determined, because from what I remember (which […]

Augustana People: Alex “Doesn’t Speak Using Vowels” Anderson

Alex is a kind hearted soul who spent the time to fill out every single question. I don’t often concede to someone being better at the internet than me, but Alex has proven time and time again he does it quite a bit better. I will let him do the talking on this one. However, it is […]

On the Benefits of Theater

I’ve been doing theater since eighth grade. I spent most of my high school years hidden away in our auditorium rehearsing, building sets, stage managing, assisting the directors or some combination of the two. In the winter, I used to go weeks without seeing the sun–reaching school before the sun rose and leaving after it […]

A Great Weekend to be a Viking!

Wow. This one word summarizes the whole weekend being an Augustana student. First off, the Augustana Men’s Track Team 4×4 WON at the Indoor Track National Meet with a time of 3:15, just barely winning by :02 seconds. I believe they set a new record for our school as well! In addition to that FANTASTIC […]

Augustana People: Jim “Looks Like Adam Devine” Panozzo

  Before I begin, be on the lookout for casting calls and notices on behalf of SAGA and BSP weekly on this blog. We are looking to do some cool stuff with those groups this term and I would hate for people to miss out because they didn’t know about it. An example of such […]