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Your Ideas, They will Make Wonderful Fodder

    Black Squirrel Productions will be shooting a rambunctious amount of films, wigwams, jiggerdoodles, flim flams, and wangedoodles this Spring. We are looking for scripts and proposals by the end of this term. The set deadline for scripts and proposed projects is Sunday February 22nd, 2015 at 12 AM midnight. If you have a […]

Augustana People: Natalie “It goes in the oven an hour before company arrives” Lamy

Natalie Hamy is a smart cookie. A dozen bakers couldn’t equal her genius. I was once tutored in a psychology class by Natalie and quickly found out that she was my Obi Wan in that discipline. I was fortunate enough to get some questions answered back by a list of people and she happened to […]