A window inside life at Augustana College

No Money, No Problem

  Being bored as a young man with little expendable funds warrants creativity.  If necessity is the mother of invention, boredom is the milkman. Days gone by of smacking a piñata with a blindfold as my friends celebrated the bleeding out of our favorite cartoon characters danced like the Vikettes in my head. The memories I decided to make […]

Augustana People: Alissa “Greek Chariot” Leirer

Alissa Leirer is an ear of corn. She’s a blissful day on the beach yelling at kids to quit stealing beer out of the cooler. She’s a centaur shooting arrows into a crowd of satyrs. She’s a jam filled peanut butter and rowdy sandwich. And she wants young prospective men, women, children, and the like to […]

Dictators Looking At Things

Anytime you have a rough day this week. Imagine these guys being confused by things. Comment with your own captions. Winner gets the internet.

Augustana People: Tesia “Joy for Substitute Teachers to Pronounce” Kolodziejczyk

Tesia Kolodziejczyk is an enigma amongst names and people alike. Some may know her as a member of the Phi Rho Nation, some may know her as a dancer, others may know her as a dancer abducted in a film made by Alvin Fonseca. I know her as a tiny dancer who holds this valentine […]

GO Mind Racer!

  I am a man with too much time on his hands. With that time I daydream. The mind races and thinks the same way a child speaks after a sugar fueled Christmas binge. Their little bodies downing sugar like a downtrodden Tony Montana downs daddy sugar. Sometimes thoughts shoot into a person’s brain and […]

Augustana People: Ben “Candy Necklaces” Hodges

I met Ben before we even set foot in a classroom. Getting to know him through football and living as a 1J warrior in Westerlin has been a pleasure. Some of Ben’s accolades as an athlete at Augustana include lettering all four years, being named Team Captain, and he is the recipient of the Jerry Freck […]

2014-A Disorganized Photographic Journey (For Serious Folks)

    This  past year Augustana presented me many opportunities to experience the country and do what I love at the same time. Here is a small collection of photos that highlighted a special journey. Thanks again.