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Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

   Last year, a friend told me, “You know, I heard that you can only have two of the three at college: good grades, a social life or sleep.” The further you get in your college career, the more you’ll realize how true this is. For the last couple of years, I mostly chose good […]

Sometimes You Just Need A Nap

Between classes, managing a tutoring organization, work, and getting ready to go to Japan (T-minus 16 days!!), I often find myself in desperate need of some sleep. I live in Erickson, so trekking back to upper campus just for a nap isn’t always feasible. As a result, I’ve made myself familiar with the coziest spots […]

5 Best Bathrooms on Campus

Rush season will be wrapping up here in the next few days, and I have definitely made some fantastic memories. But there’s one thing I have to do before my rush experience comes to an end. So in honor of rush season and all the crazy questions I’ve been asked in the past week, here’s […]