A window inside life at Augustana College

Se·ñor Augustana

The CAP Sorority did a good deed this past weekend with their Mr. Augustana man pageant. They raised about $3,500 to help benefit the American Cancer Society, earning their angel wings in the process too. Audience members were treated to a delightful show and eye candy such as Nowlan Savage and David Voland for example, […]

In Which I Am A Gigantic Nerd

Yesterday, as we all know, was Symposium Day. I trudged outside from the warm covers of my bed into what I thought would be just an average day. However, one of the sessions I attended was so great that I was thinking of the blog post I’d write before the session had even ended. For […]

Third World Problems.

Hey everyone! In honor of Symposium Day, let’s talk a little bit about social justice! You’ve probably heard the phrase “first world problems”. Maybe you’ve even used it! If you don’t, here are some examples, courtesy of Google images! Anyway, my point is these are completely ridiculous! We take so much for granted these days, […]

I saw a terrifying doll today and I’m still not over it.

Hello Readers! I hope everyone had a great holiday season/ winter break! To be completely honest with you, 98% of mine was spent watching movies and trying to avoid going outside into the cold. It was awesome.  Now I’m back at school, doing essentially the same thing. After spending more hours than I care to […]

Do you suffer from bargain-itis?

You know you’ve done it. You bought that thing that you REALLY didn’t really need and will probably never use…ever. Why? All because it was ON SALE NOW!! For a broke college kid, the side-effects of contracting bargain-itis can be crippling…and they need to be stopped. You do not have money to throw around and […]

Northern IL vs. St. Louis – The Winter Weather Showdown

For those that don’t know me well (or just haven’t read my blog intro), I’m originally from a small town in northern Illinois called Sycamore. It’s just about a two-hour drive east on 88, and I’ve spent most of my life there. In March, my family made the move to St. Louis. I recently had […]

Saving Petty Officer Luttrell

Welcome back friends and readers! Well yesterday was officially the last day of break! And I managed to not blog the entire time, what an accomplishment! Not really. I hope everyone’s break was well and the holidays were merry! I had a great time; my cousins flew in from San Diego, I house sat, had […]

Catching Fire

  First off, I really enjoyed the movie Catching Fire. I thought it followed the story line pretty well, and it was very attention grabbing. (Had to say it, I just saw it a few days ago:) )Anyway,  just like for Hunger Games, I do not believe this film glorifies violence in any way. Just as before, […]

Is London Calling?

You’ve all been getting those pesky emails about “STUDY ABROAD APPS DUE!” every other day or so over break, right? Well until about three days ago when my dear friend, Paige, visited me, I didn’t even think about these emails. Once she arrived, we began discussing our options for studyingabroad and wondered if we should […]

I Miss Augie…

It’s winter break and I’ve been ready to head back to Augie. It’s hard transitioning from a productive college life to back at home. Here’s some things I miss about Augie: Veggie Chik’n Hot Cocoa (The best cocoa is the one that’s just a button away) Being able to sleep anywhere on campus – my […]