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Love Letter Lessons: Inspiration to Seize the Day

Let’s let me talk selfishly for a second, but about something most girls and maybe some boys can relate to. When I was younger I remember constantly chasing boys like dogs chasing cats. Never-ending. What was my goal? It was always to deliver a letter filled with my feelings. Yet, I never caught up to […]

Why so vague?

So I realized my last “real” post, so not the one about Christmas that came a month after Christmas, was a little vague. Okay it was very vague, but it was for the sake of protecting someone that I really care about and look up to. There are two “secret” things that were going on with […]

No School Tomorrow

Something historical happened at Augustana tonight; class for Monday was cancelled! The last time Augie cancelled snow was because they got over a foot of snow in one night. Augie rarely cancels classes. Some people rumor it’s because we’re a Swedish school and we’re honoring our roots – this is possible considering we have a […]

Asian Night

So last night I went to Asian Night hosted by the Asian Student Organization and had a great time. There was a lot of great food that I have never had before (I think I might be in love with Thai food). Originally, I didn’t plan on going to Asian Night. I figured after going […]

Three Eyes

The Three Eyes, unfortunately, have nothing to do with aliens or strange animals with a secret third eye. Although, the Three Eyes are hidden within beautiful trees and depths of the earth in the Dominican Republic like buried treasure. These eyes are actually underground rivers, and before they were discovered they used to be the […]

Christmas has come and gone; or has it?

***This is a disclaimer that this post was meant to be published sometime around the end of December. However, I just found it sitting in my drafts, and I’d hate to let a good post about my favorite holiday go to waste… While some of you may have wrapped up the Christmas holiday, my family […]

Putting it off

I haven’t posted in forever, but it’s all for good reason. There are so many things that have happened since we got back to school two weeks ago. I was offered a coaching position with the swim club that I lifeguard for! This means that now I need to budget my time for working 10+ hours […]


Konbanwa, So here were are again. It’s always such a pleasure. I’m using this song lyric as a witty transition to my fantastic announcement. Myself along a few friends are starting Augustana’s first acapella  group: Augapella. But before we can actually do anything, we need people. So I’m including this sign up sheet for anyone […]

The Softball Team Went Where??

Palm Trees, open waters, soft sand beaches, coconuts and merengue music is what people think of when they hear the name Dominican Republic. However, a lot of people know The Dominican for something more; Baseball. 33% of baseball players are exported from there. Some names that may sound familiar are, David Ortiz from the Red […]

Res Hall Etiquette

Tragedy struck on Monday: I ran out of clean yoga pants. This of course warranted a trip to the 2J laundry room. This is not a pleasant place, let me tell you. It’s like a jungle in there, full of crazy and scary creatures. When it comes to snagging a washer or dryer, us 2J […]