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What is “thankfulness” anyway?

Hi everyone! So I’m new here but for my first post I decided to submit my Observer article about thankfulness! If you have any comments, leave ’em! I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for! 😀   Well it’s that time of year again: crunching leaves, bonfires, cozy sweaters, Thanksgiving, and endless posts, greeting cards, […]

Challenging All People With Hands and Hearts

I’m writing this because I need a favor from all of you. That means you point at your chest and nod your head in excitement. Thank you in advance. Ever since I’ve been a freshman I generally see everyone drudging across the quad desperately trying to avoid the coming onslaught of class. I get it, […]

An Amazing Discovery on Small Business Saturday!

Welcome back, everyone! I hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend filled with family and food. If you remember my intro post, you’ll know that I live in St. Louis, which is about 5 hours away from campus. It seemed a bit silly to do all of that traveling for three days at […]

WAUG: If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Konbanwa, I realize that I just posted a huge entry on Model UN and I felt that it was necessary to separate that and this post.  Skipping all the pleasantries, Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Saw family, ate food, football, all that jazz. Speaking of jazz, this week I’m back on the air! I haven’t been able […]

Diary of a Model UN delegate

Konbanwa, So the last time I posted anything was right before I went to Model UN. The experience was…interesting to say the least. We all left the college and drove to Galesburg (which had a great coffee place if anyone’s interested). But you don’t really care about Galesburg do you? Probably not (no offense to […]

My Professors are Cooler than Yours

As we get ready to return to school after our short Thanksgiving Break, I figured that I share one of the things that I am really thankful for. I am thankful that I get to go to an amazing small school where the professors really care about their students. One of the reasons that I […]