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Super Sale Saturday

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed being around friends and family! I know I did even if it wasn’t with my immediate family I still had an amazing time! In my household we do a very traditional thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, rolls, calabasitas, green bean casserole, loaded mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows on […]


Hello everyone! Now I’m back from a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday that was spent i Springfield. Good food, nice company and a beautiful home made it a nice trip! We also made a trip to the Abraham Lincoln museum, and watched lots of good movies. We also went Black Friday shopping, and went to a mall […]

My Thanksgiving On Campus

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a good time Black Friday shopping with their friends and family. You know, when you go to a college that is half way across the country from where you live, its not cheap flying back and forth on breaks. It does suck being away from your family […]

A Short Post After Thanksgiving

Hello! Guess what I made last night? Yes, I, a 21 year old, made a hand turkey. And it is beautiful. I will hang it on the fridge for all to admire. 🙂 I hope your Thanksgiving went well, and if you are going out on Black Friday, be safe. ~Kaylee

Kooky Turkey

Since my family’s mostly vegetarian, and mostly Indian, my Thanksgiving usually involves rasmalai as well as pumpkin pie, and absolutely no turkey. I love seeing my family (with the exciting addition of 11-month-old twins this year!), but I’d never had an American Thanksgiving until last year… with Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre honors society. […]

A quick Tuesday night post

Hello again! Tonight I worked the women’s basketball game against Clarke University which Augustana won 80-60, a pretty good win over a team that was 6-3 coming into the contest.  Working in the sports information office as much as I do, I know where to find interesting statistics such as Augustana women’s basketball has never […]

Feminism myths: the pretty, the ugly, and the bra burning.

Often times when I approach the subject of feminism, particularly with male friends, I am greeted with an eye roll and the response that I’m not a real feminist. Considering these people aren’t feminists themselves, I wonder what qualifies them to judge my beliefs and what makes a ‘real feminist.’ Many people would say that […]

Davenport, Iowa: Christmas Capital of the World

Guess what guys? I went on an adventure today.    My friend Emma and I took our first jaunt across the river to visit the Quad Cities Festival of Trees in Davenport, Iowa this afternoon. (Quick background on Emma because I’m sure she’ll be a frequent character in this blog. She and I went to […]

This Campus Group is Kickin’!

Hey everyone! In my introduction post, some of you might have noticed that I talked about something called Opportunity Kicks Tutoring. (And now you realize just how corny the blog title is.) “But, Marie, I don’t know what Opportunity Kicks Tutoring is!” Well, lucky for you, that’s what this post is all about! So, without […]

Destruction in Washington, IL

Hello! After seeing the other new bloggers use their first post as an introduction, I hate having to write about such a serious topic for mine, but this is about something very close to me…literally. If you haven’t heard, bad storms and tornadoes recently ravaged the Midwest. A total of six people were killed in […]