A window inside life at Augustana College

Already Week 3???

Whoever does not believe time flies fast is all sorts of crazy. I cannot believe that week three is about to begin, its seems like only yesterday I arrived.. and I have been here 2 weeks longer than most people because of work! This just shows how amazing Augustana truly is, my friends and everything […]

Augustana People: Sam Mago, the last scion of House Mago.

I imagine being one of the Mago brothers is akin to roasting marshmallows on a summer night after watching the Baby Sitters Club movie where Larisa Oleynik isn’t playing Alex Mack or being secretive about it. The night would start out that way until someone called Zeus and told him Al Roker stole his lightning bolts […]

Top 5 TLA perks

Since I’m a junior this year, I get to live in a TLA, a Transitional Living Area. Which is a fancy way of saying that I live in campus-owned housing that’s not a dorm. I’m living with three housemates in an apartment in Arbaugh, halfway up the slough path. Though it’s a long walk from, […]