A window inside life at Augustana College

So… There’s No Government…?

Welcome back! Let’s dive right into things and I’ll discuss myself later. The government shut down at 12:01 AM on Oct. 1. Yes, you read that right: the government SHUT DOWN. So what does that mean? Like really? Can the big guys running the country really just turn it off and move on with their […]

Staying committed in college

No, this post is not going to be about long-distance relationships. My experience in the field of long-distance relationships is limited to one friendship that has survived the five years I’ve been in the US. I know zilch about maintaining a long-distance relationship with a significant other. So you can figure that out on your […]

I’m in College, now what? Homecoming edition

When I was in High School. There was one special week that I could barely wait an entire year for. And that week was: HOMECOMING WEEK! During homecoming, our school would pit the classes against each other in challenges of spirit. We would get points for winning competitions such as float building, getting the most […]

The Beginning

Hello all! First and foremost, I am Andie! I can’t say I’m new to blogging however, I am new to blogging for a purpose. I will try to write about once a week-mostly depending on my availability.. Anyways, back to the introductions. I am a “first-year” here at hilly Augustana and my experience so far […]

22 Things I did before turning 22

It’s been hard coming to terms with turning 22 tomorrow. I feel like 21 was such an awesome age to be (and not just because I’m “legal”). So no Taylor Swift, I DON’T WANT to feel twenty two. Instead I would like to bask in my relative youth for one more day. And reflect on […]

You Know You’re an Upperclassman When…

1) Peanut butter and jelly become two of life’s staples I have four classes in a row Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays–10 am to 3:45 pm. At the beginning of term, I bought a pack of frozen turkey burgers thinking I’d make myself a healthy lunch every day. How amusing of me… It’s ten times easier […]

Valley of the Kings- Rescued animals also gave ME a new start

My Story Begins: I started my education experience as a Biology/Pre-Vet major. There was nothing I wanted to do more than become a veterinarian for a zoo. After declaring my major, I was advised to get a start on my “animal experience” hours. These could be gained in a variety of ways including horseback riding, […]

I thought I peaked in High School…

Being a senior, my main job while I’m at home is to go through all my possessions in my room and decide to keep them, store them, or give them away. Going through a box of High School memorabilia (props from shows I was in, scholastic awards, and a sea of chorus competition medals) I […]

Already Week 3???

Whoever does not believe time flies fast is all sorts of crazy. I cannot believe that week three is about to begin, its seems like only yesterday I arrived.. and I have been here 2 weeks longer than most people because of work! This just shows how amazing Augustana truly is, my friends and everything […]

Augustana People: Sam Mago, the last scion of House Mago.

I imagine being one of the Mago brothers is akin to roasting marshmallows on a summer night after watching the Baby Sitters Club movie where Larisa Oleynik isn’t playing Alex Mack or being secretive about it. The night would start out that way until someone called Zeus and told him Al Roker stole his lightning bolts […]