A window inside life at Augustana College

The Big Blue House

This is not what my Dad looks like, I know there was a lot of confusion at the Zander house ice cream social last night. I know the resemblance is uncanny and I look like I remember the Titans but the truth is we had a conversation once and I couldn’t even pick them out […]

The Start of School and Something Special.

David Lee Roth once said about school, “Ow! Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad I’m hot for teacher I’ve got it  bad, so bad I’m hot for teacher”. I feel the same enthusiasm about starting at Augie again. The campus looks like it has been working out this summer to impress an […]

The Top 10 Things I wish I knew going into Freshman Year of College

In the next week, as I face the final year of my college journey, my little sister will begin hers.  I wanted to write some tips not just for her, but for all of Augustana’s incoming first years because as I help her prepare for freshman year, I’ve been feeling intensely nostalgic about my own. […]

Augustana People: Connor “Not Alex Bowers” Cummings

Because I believe in equality and that Elvis is currently living in Milwaukee, I wanted to gain further insight into the male psyche at Augustana. The mind of an Augustana man is one of great complication. Our previous subject of interrogation was our marvelous Kwilli (holla). This time it is the magnanimous Connor Cummings. This […]