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More From St. Baldrick’s

Rukmini Girish previously had a wonderful post about St. Baldrick’s and I suggest the read. She’s looking awesome with her shaved head! Here are some pictures from some St. Baldrick’s participants.   Congrats to everyone who participated and the Roundels for putting it on.

St. Baldrick’s at Augie

As I type this, I am bald. Or, at least, close to it. I have about a quarter of an inch of hair on my head. But I’m getting ahead of myself. St. Baldrick’s, sponsored by the Roundel fraternity, was last Thursday, April 11. All of the shaves who had signed up had to arrive […]

Visit to Washington, D.C. and New York

I’m finally getting around to my blog post about my visit to Washington, D.C. and New York. Let’s just say it was amazing! On my trip I visited Georgetown University and American University in Washington, D.C. and Columbia University in New York, which are the three graduate schools I got into for journalism. I’d never […]

How To Get a Girl To Like You* In Really Confusing, Convoluted Steps

So I was asked recently by one of my friends, “Gary, can I call you Gary?” I replied, “I prefer Thomas the Enke Engine or Colby JackCheese” So my friend squeaks, “Ok, man how you gon’ get a girl to go to a formal with you?” With great knowledge and wisdom I replied to that […]

Sometimes, Things Just Work Out For the Best

Spring term is busy. That is a fact. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking three classes or four, if you’re involved in two clubs or ten, spring term is just busy. My senior friends tell me that they have all kinds of banquets to attend leading up to graduation. And, presumably, there’s the job search […]

The Easter Bunny is a Time Traveling Warlock

    For Easter this year I took a sojourn with Conner Murray to a land called “Frake Farms” (Where they grow corn . . . on the cob) home to a creature known as Kyle Frake. The road trip was filled with solid music, such as that hot new joint by that dude Jimmy […]

Sigma Alpha Iota’s Province Day

The Delta Tau chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota spent at least ten hours together two weekends ago. And let me tell you, it was fantastic! First on Friday we had a sisterhood retreat. We made some crafts, sang some songs, and did “warm fuzzies.” Warm fuzzies are definitely my favorite part of the sisterhood retreats! […]

Django Unchained? A Little TOO Unchained

Easter weekend at home… What does that mean? Watching some movies, of course! My dad and I watched A Few Good Men, in which Jack Nicholson was fantastic as usual, but we also watched Tarantino’s latest, Django Unchained. Now, before you start sniggering at the fact that I’m watching an Oscar-nominated movie this late, this is […]