A window inside life at Augustana College

Writing Fellows

Wow, it’s week 4 and I’ve only posted once this term? I’m slacking, aren’t I? The reason I’ve been so terribly busy this past week is because of a program that’s very beneficial for LSFY students, but makes life a little more interesting for tutors at the Reading/Writing Center, where I work. This program is […]

Research conference at the University of Oklahoma

Sorry for taking so long to blog about my conference! It’s been hectic ever since I got back. First of all, more exciting news – I got accepted at Columbia University’s grad school! While I’m super excited to be accepted there, it’s going to make my choice a lot harder. But my parents are wonderful […]

10 True Things To Tell Recruits When They Visit Augustana

10. Spiders with knowledge of my credit score exist. If I’ve learned anything from watching television it’s that credit scores are supposed to be feared or something. 9.  Kyle Frake has the 8th Harry Potter book signed by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter and the  Nagging Red-head Weasley and his Two Squib Kids 8. The Augustana Wrestling team […]

Frank Kalble Had Another Fish Die This Week, May He R.I.P. With Pac and Biggie

I stared into the mirror today with the kind of look that only comes along when you lose your puppy. Not just any puppy, but one you stole from your rich friend because your parents said it’s a big “responsibility”. Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m such a sad Samantha. Here are Tres (that’s english for […]

Three Fs

No, those aren’t my grades from last term… Since not very much of significance has happened (since it’s only week 1), why don’t I tell you about my spring break? The best way to describe it? Three Fs. 1) Food Generally, the food at Augie is okay. And apparently, it’s getting an overhaul next year, […]

Spring Term 2013: A New Beginning Thanks to Pledging

A new term, and perhaps a new start. That is the mind set I am going in with. For many of us, it is the start of the pledging process, weather you are pledging COG, DON, OZO, CAP, you are about to venture on a journey that will change your life. Now that the first […]

Spring Break – Fall Out Boy, Florida & Georgetown

So my last first day at Augustana happened today – it’s a little bittersweet. But the last first day was on the heels of a fantastic Spring Break! Some highlights include: Meeting Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy! He came to Anderson’s Bookshop because he recently released a book. They have really famous authors who […]