A window inside life at Augustana College

On Walkers and Drivers around Augustana

Recently I have noticed a lack of tolerance that walkers have for their peers and drivers, and vice versa. It seems that walkers and drivers both think that they own the roads (and sidewalks for walkers) around here. So these are some of my thoughts on this. Based on recent observations, I have concluded that […]

Fall break recap

Well, Fall Break is officially over. Somehow breaks always seems to go by super fast. Over break I visited a friend at ISU, filled out grad school applications (I finally figured out where I want to apply!), visited the dentist and doctor, and worked on my senior inquiry. Oh the joy of being a senior. […]


When I first started at Augie, I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about having to take finals three times per year, but now that I have gone through my first round of them, I am confident in my assumption that it will be easy! In high school, you only have to take finals […]

Fall Break

So this week is fall break and I wasn’t able to go home because my home is so far away.  I walked thorough campus on Friday (the first day of break) and it was soooo empty.  I felt really alone but slowly I’m finding out that there are actually people here on campus.  It is […]