A window inside life at Augustana College

Augustana People: Bo Goshorn, A Life of Being Awesome

At Augustana I have met quite a great many of fantastic people, I intend to write about them with their permission. Bo Goshorn was being massive one day and I said, “what is a good subject to write about?” Bo said, “the plight of the American school system” I heard, “BO GOSHORN AND THE TECHNICOLOR […]

Thanksgiving in Noblesville, Indiana

  This past thanksgiving was quite a thrill as I got to blow off steam with a wrestling teammate of mine, Alex Bowers. The road trip to his house was a a daunting task filled with country music and enough Twizzlers to give diabetes to a rhino. It was a pretty unique Thanksgiving as I […]

A Renewed Sense of Acceptance

During my years here I have witnessed the Augustana community show its true colors many times by accepting and respecting others. The Augustana community accepts the differing opinions of others in the classroom, recognizes the community aspects of being involved in organizations such as Greek life, and lets people be who they are as human […]

Thanksgiving Break

Well I am officially back from Thanksgiving break and trying to get back into the swing of school. I honestly really don’t like winter term because it has all these breaks. You go to school for a week and a few days only to go on Thanksgiving break. You go back to school for three […]

XC Nationals 2012

This year, Division III Cross Country Nationals were in Terre Haute, Indiana on Saturday, November 17th. One of my roommates is dating the only Augie guy to make it to Nationals, and my boyfriend runs for North Central College, so the two of us decided to road trip to the race. In order for our […]

A New Term

Well last week we started a new term and boy was it stressful,  but things are getting a little easier.  And smart me decided I wasn’t busy enough so I am now taking part in the winter term play which is an adaption of the Greek play Bacchae entitled The Boch Eye and it’s going […]

Not Your Typical “Faculty and Staff”

I was doing a bit of reflection this past week on the time that I have spent so far at Augustana. I have made the realization that I not only have my network of friends that support me, but I also have have a network of faculty and staff who have been extremely helpful to […]

Augustana is more magical than Hogwarts

Hello, my name is Gary “Knifebaby” Miller. Week one of Winter term was thoroughly dominated. I wish it was a person so I could whisper to week one that I was the clear winner and rub it’s nose in it. Anyways, I hope whoever is reading this has been doing splendidly. I began Wrestling this […]

What Happens on the First Floor of the Library?

I’ve realized, more and more, that one thing I really want to do with this blog is talk about places, people and aspects of campus that the general population doesn’t really know much about. The things you don’t see on your Admissions tours. One of the best-kept secrets (for me, at least) about Augustana was […]

Applying to grad schools

In 13 days, my life will be a tad bit less stressful. In 13 days, I will have completed my first graduate school application. For some reason, graduate school applications seems way more stressful than applying to colleges ever did. Maybe it’s because I’m applying to less grad schools than I did colleges (I applied […]