A window inside life at Augustana College

Andy Grammer Concert

This is a picture of Chris Wallace, a former member of The White Tie Affair, a band I was really into in high school. He opened for Andy Grammer, who performed at Augustana last Friday. To say this was the best concert Augustana has ever had would be an understatement. It’s an incredible feeling hearing […]

Declaring a major: Why I have a problem with commitment

These days, it seems like kids are too eager to tie the knot, by which I mean declaring a major. I have always imagined this process to be long and complex, requiring the sacrificing of a split-hooved critter representing your freedom over the a desk of one’s new major advisor upon the arrival of the […]

Starting to become stressed..

It’s now week 8 and the stress is starting to pile up.  Only 3 weeks left of classes and then finals.  Is it just me or has this term really flown by? My senior inquiry is in full swing and I’m starting to write my paper.  We have to give a presentation in front of […]

So Many Sisters!

For anyone who is debating Greek Life in college…I have to say that I was right there with you for a long time. I was terrified of hazing and mean girls and not being chosen for the sorority that I wanted to join. Let me tell you what, though. Joining Greek Life is the best […]

College Democrats: A promise fulfilled

When I visited Augustana my senior year of high school, I was promised that Augustana would be a great hotspot for politics. There was bound to be politicians coming through the area and there was going to be media. As a senior, being promised that one day, I could be interviewed about politics was pretty […]

Fall has begun!

Hi everyone!  Well there seems to be a trend on Facebook this last week… Wednesday was “National Mean Girls Day” so naturally everyone and their brother were posting quotes from the movie “Mean Girls”, but there was also the presidential debate which evoked more status’s pertaining to the political campaigns. Then some people were mashing […]

The One Positive of an 8:30 Class

I’m definitely not a morning person Anyone who knows me knows that I’m like a bear with a sore head before 9 am, so I was definitely not happy about having to take an 8:30 class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But I needed a Perspective on the Natural World. What was I supposed to do? Yesterday, however, I […]

Getting used to it…

So I went home this weekend, and it was really weird. I mean, when I was home I felt at home, but I also knew that Augie was my home as well. I missed my family a ton and it was sad to say goodbye to them. I think they have gotten used to me […]