A window inside life at Augustana College

Homecoming at Augustana

Homecoming week was always my favorite time of the school year while in High School. I never expected it to be equally as fun in college. Even though they are very distinct, many of the same traditions are kept. Some of these include dressing up to certain themes, having a “pep rally,” and attending the […]

Call Me Maybe…

Hey everyone! Here is just a quick post! Week 9…. I found this on facebook and thought I would share it with you all 🙂 I went to high school at Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park, IL and let me tell you it was an interesting experience and I guess I never really appreciated my […]

Crispy Leaves

If you are like me, you leave an extra few minutes early for class, just to enjoy the leaves changing and also to stomp on those crunchy leaves. Yes, I’m one of those people who go out of their way just to step on that crispy looking leaf. The slough path, although long and chilly […]

A Wonderful Surprise

You know those days that you wake up, see the sun shining but then look at the weather and realize it is 30 degrees outside? Those days are teasing. It’s like the weather wants you to go outside and enjoy the fall air, but its 30 degrees so you have to bundle yourself in layers […]

A Little Workshop on Paper Writing

Since it’s week 8, and everyone I know has paper(s) due this week and next, I thought I’d devote this post to a little workshop on paper writing in college. Some professors lead you by the hand more than others. In my American Lit class right now, we’ve had to turn in an annotated bibliography and a […]

Empathy for lefties in a righty-dominated world

With the remodeling of the library going on, there’s only one thing I don’t have to complain about: the arm chairs with swiveling tablets and cup holders. They’re similar to this one, but not exactly (picture soon to be posted). It wasn’t until earlier today, as I settled down with my history text book and steaming […]

Get yourself out there!

Today was the kickoff for Homecoming in Pepsico (due to the rain ): ), and it was a blast! Augustana once again was spot on in their choice of music (in my opinion at least), and I got to meet the band afterwards and take a picture with them and my friends! I’ve gotta say, Augie […]

Andy Grammer Concert

This is a picture of Chris Wallace, a former member of The White Tie Affair, a band I was really into in high school. He opened for Andy Grammer, who performed at Augustana last Friday. To say this was the best concert Augustana has ever had would be an understatement. It’s an incredible feeling hearing […]

Declaring a major: Why I have a problem with commitment

These days, it seems like kids are too eager to tie the knot, by which I mean declaring a major. I have always imagined this process to be long and complex, requiring the sacrificing of a split-hooved critter representing your freedom over the a desk of one’s new major advisor upon the arrival of the […]

Starting to become stressed..

It’s now week 8 and the stress is starting to pile up.  Only 3 weeks left of classes and then finals.  Is it just me or has this term really flown by? My senior inquiry is in full swing and I’m starting to write my paper.  We have to give a presentation in front of […]