A window inside life at Augustana College

The End is Near

Hey everyone!  Oh what a way to end out the term! Well let me start out with, we survived registration week! Yay!! That is an accomplishment there in itself. My friend Caitlin decided to stay up really late Tuesday night and then she got up at 4:45 the next morning hoping for her LSFY class […]

Mayday Parade/The Maine Concert

Instead of studying for finals and finishing the two papers I have to write, I went to Chicago with a friend to see Mayday Parade and The Maine in concert. Mayday Parade is my favorite band – ever. Period. End of story (At least since my Jonas Brothers phase). I was so glad I found […]

Fall Term in a Nutshell

Hello Augustana community and friends! Things have been crazy busy around here the past ten weeks! Check out this gallery of photos that outlines my fall term in a nutshell! Ashley  


As a first year at Augie, I was able to participate in the Emerge program. Emerge is an 8-week course designed to develop, enhance, and fine-tune leadership skills. With the advice from many professional speakers, a group service project, and an intense high-ropes course, myself and the other Emergees were able to make new friends […]

So WAUG-able

One day, I decided that I should have a good listen to my voice (because I honestly can’t say that I’m sure if what I heard is the same as what every one else hears). So I figured recording snippits of myself putting on my radio shows would be a good idea. This is what […]

1.5 Weeks to Go!

So, it’s week 9 and I haven’t been home since the start of term. I live three-and-a-half hours’ drive away in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, so going home just for a weekend isn’t really an option. I’d prefer not to have to spend eight hours in a bus and then another two in a […]

SAI Alumnae Tea

Since I am the Corresponding Secretary of Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI), it was my job to coordinate and plan our chapter’s alumnae tea for homecoming. With the help of the alumnae tea committee, we pulled it off! There were a few glitches along the way, but in the end I think everyone enjoyed it. We […]

First Equestrian Show

Not many students know that Augie has an Equestrian Team. Well, we do! :)And it is made up of some awesome girls!   What does the team do? Well, normally a person would have their own horse and train and work mostly with that horse in order to show and compete. However, for the team […]

Homecoming Week

Oh dear what a week last week was! OSA had to have been PRETTY busy! I give props to all the people running the different homecoming events. They sure do know how to throw a good time! I was so glad I got to go to the Kick Off, Talent show and the Sing/Coronation last […]


Hi guys! Long time no see! its now week 9! we’re so close to being done! its time for that extra push to get our grades where we want them. just thinking about break is making me smile 😀 I’m also pumped to go see the Batman movie this friday! if you havent watched it […]