A window inside life at Augustana College

I’m back

Hi guys! sorry about not posting in almost 2 weeks! its been extremely crazy. first off quidditch is going amazing, even though my left arm is covered in bruises…anyhoo i just wanted to talk a bit about the upcoming election for the presidency of the United States. So everyones hearing about the ObamavsRomney slandering they’ve […]

Service, service, service!!

The past couple of weeks, I have had the wonderful opportunity to do some volunteer work around the Quad City area. Last week, I went to the Children’s Therapy Center with the girls from ESA (Epsilon Sigma Alpha – the service sorority that I am joining.) At the CTC, we went around the center and […]

The Crazy Life of a College Student!!(If

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I should. I literally have been CRAZY busy! For one thing I’m pledging  APO the national service fraternity on campus. I am SO excited and I know it is gonna open up ore doors for me. I am meeting a lot more upperclassmen that are really awesome. […]

Mi Familia

Last weekend, as we know, was Family Weekend. Being a freshman, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. All I knew is I was EXTREMELY excited to see my family again, since I haven’t seen them since move-in day. Personally, I enjoyed family weekend a lot! My family and I attended the home football game […]

Let the Good Times Roll

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t get to blog in a while, it was kind of hectic! I started pledging for ESA the service sorority on campus, and absolutely LOVE it! I found out my Big is Bethany and she is AMAZING. (: We’ve done a bunch of cool things with the group during pledging process. […]

Laundry Time?

Time is of the essence in college. But sometimes I wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day so I can get all I want to accomplish done. But it is not a perfect world and I need to manage my time better. These past five weeks have been absolutely crazy. It seems as […]


It has come to my attention that I have not blogged in a whole so here goes.  Here we are in week 5 of the first term my how time flies . It seems like just yesterday I was moving into Erickson scared out of my mind not knowing what to expect, but now it’s […]

Finding Fantastic Friends

Usually, I’m the type of person who is very good at fitting in. I have an outgoing personality, and I’ll talk to anyone who starts talking to me. So I thought, hey, college will be a snap. I was wrong. It’s not that people aren’t friendly here, because believe me, they definitely are! I just […]

The past few weeks in pictures

                                          Sorry these pictures are super hard to add and I couldn’t figure out how to get them all close to each other. Next blog will be about my MJMC SI Presentation!

Who’s up for free pie?

So I’ve written a lot about Quidditch, but I don’t think I’ve written too much about my other activities. Last spring, I pledged Alpha Psi Omega, a national theatre honors society. I did a lot of theatre in high school, onstage and off, and I realized that most theatre people are the craziest, loudest, quirkiest, […]