A window inside life at Augustana College

Oh the comfort…

You know that moment when you move into your dorm room or apartment and you see that light wood desk, that mattress sitting on a bed frame that has endless possibilities of heights, and that light wood dresser sitting lonely and completely naked? The thought that then passes through your mind is “how can I […]


Are you getting tired of school food? You are not the only one. Why not take a short walk from campus for some ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES.Yes, that is right. All you can eat pancakes. Where: Hyvee When: Thursdays. ??-7pm Cost: $2   You really can’t go wrong with breakfast for dinner and for […]

This is Real

Hey everyone! Hopefully everyone made it out of week 5 and midterms alright. The weather has been PERFECT and it really is beginning to feel a lot more like fall. (: I can not wait until all the leaves begin to start to change colors, it is the most beautiful time ever!  With this new […]

Campus Tours!

Just this week, I went to training to become a volunteer for Admissions, and I learned how to give a tour! I know this probably sounds nerdy, but I’m really excited!! I remember how fun my first tour here was, but also how nervous I was. Personally, I know I’m a pretty talkative person (my […]

Meeting Zach Wahls

 Last night I had the opportunity to hear an incredible speaker. Zach Wahls is a guy my age who was thrust into the spotlight after someone posted a video of him speaking in front of the Iowa legislature about marriage equality. He’s spoken on the Ellen Degeneres Show, CNN, MSNBC, and spoke at this year’s […]

The Curse of Internet TV

Don’t laugh, but I’ve never really watched tv shows on the internet before this year. Whenever I had time to kill, I went on Facebook or read (from a real book, for fun; yes I actually do that) or drew or something. But suddenly, this year I’ve been finding myself on Youtube and the Food […]

Walk for Water & Greek Fest

This past Saturday, I went to two very fun events. First I participated in Walk for Water. In this walk, we carried buckets of slough water around campus to symbolize the journey that those make all over the world to get clean water. All the funds raised help support a water filtration system in Kenya. Let me […]

Learning about Love

Yes, college is a time for romantic entanglements. I haven’t had any however, and though I have a few friends who are/were in the middle of romantic upheavals, I’ll respect their privacy. So what is this post going to be about, then, you might ask. My answer: the ridiculous variety of definitions of love you find […]

Times when I realize I’m a college student

There are many times since starting school that I have looked at myself and thought “well, I did not expect to expect this from myself..”, like when–  I’m trudging across campus with my back pack and hands full of grocery bags. My groceries consist of Coke, fruit snacks, and creamy chicken Ramen noodles. I’m wearing […]

One major “done”

So, I officially have one major “done.” Done is in quotes because I still have to take 4 more credit hours spring term. But I have completed my Senior Inquiry (S.I.) project for my Multimedia Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC) major. Because I have three majors, I decided to take the MJMC internship S.I. track […]