A window inside life at Augustana College

WGN Radio Internship

I’ve finally gotten around to writing my blog about my summer internship. Maybe it’s because the longer I put it off, the longer I can deny that summer is really over? Probably. For nine weeks, I had the opportunity to intern at WGN Radio in the Tribune Tower in Chicago. I interned for the news […]

A Return to Augie

My first week of being a college sophomore is almost done (apart from three classes and Quidditch practice, because, you know, that’s how college works) and returning to campus and classes couldn’t have been more different from my arrival last year as a nervous little first-year. As I was moving into my room I met […]

Starting the Year Off Right

As a freshman, I have been feeling overwhelmed. All the new classes and clubs and activities are almost to much to handle. Sometimes I think oh maybe I shouldn’t have taken such a hard course load or not signed up for that club or that sport, but in the end I know that it will […]

The time has come

Hey everyone! Boy, has it been such a long week since I moved in last Tuesday! Attending MCO, then met my AWESOME roommate Holly, and attended a bunch of activities with my peer mentor group which was nice. But I can not get over the fact that Michael Miller kept calling everyone and everything sexy… […]

Dreen Team

So here it is, the time has come for my first year dorm room.  At first when I saw the other dorms at Westerlin I was jealous (mostly because of their huge bathrooms!!) but I’m very happy that Andreen is my dorm room this year.  Westerlin may have the cafeteria and c-store but it is […]


WOW!!! What a couple of days its been.  First off we just went through First Year Orientation and boy was that a lot to take in, but there was also some fun and funny times.  Lets start off with the fun which was the boat cruise on the Mississippi River.  This was also a funny […]

The Highlights of Fall Connection

Hey everyone! So I’ve been on campus since Thursday and have barely had time to breathe! There is so much going on and most of it has been indescribably awesome! However, with that being said, there is no competition for my favorite activity. The OSA music festival tonight blew me away.  Music is the key […]

How I shook the hand of President Obama and Michelle Obama

Today I got to shake the hand of the Commander-in-Chief aka the President of the United States! AND First Lady Michelle Obama! But back to the beginning…Last week Augustana College Democrats were given VIP tickets to his rally in East Davenport by a Davenport Field Organizer. I got an email that asked if Augustana College Democrats […]


WOW! What a couple of days its been!  I am all moved into 330 Erickson, met 2 of my 3 roommates, registered for classes, met the international students, attended MCO, climbed more stairs than i have in a month back home, and just had a great time. Oh, lets not forget the multitude of peers […]

Tips & tricks for your first year of college

I was going to blog about my internship, when I stumbled upon the freshman (okay, fine, first-year) summer connection blogs. Which prompted this blog post. I know when I was just entering Augustana, I looked online for anything that might have advice about how to survive my first year. Well, this is the culmination of […]