A window inside life at Augustana College

Welcoming the New MCO Babies

  It is no secret that diversity on campus is constantly increasing. Augie has a great program that they host every year for students who come from diverse backgrounds; it is the Multicultural Student Orientation. Last year I was fortunate to be invited to be a part of this orientation and I can honestly say […]

& Round 2 Begins!

It’s crazy to think that it’s a year now that I started college. I can honestly say that last year, being my first year at Augie, has been my best year so far. Yes, it was stressful and hectic at times with all of my school work, extra-curricular activities, and work, but I got through […]

Know You’re Not Alone

Week 2 is almost done! Just one more class to go. (: I’ve accomplished a lot this week. I finished my first LSFY paper. HALLELUJAH! That was not a pleasant experience; so much work went into the paper. I hope it turns out well… So different from any paper I wrote in high school, and […]

Week Two!

I cannot believe that week two is here.. It already has flown by so quickly! I am getting excited to see what this weekend will bring, since I am not going home this weekend (Holla if you are staying to!). I am hoping that everyone else is having a  great week and getting involved! I […]

It’s a Friendly Place… I Promise!

So the big news for me this week is that I completed my first tutoring sessions. I’m a tutor at the Reading/Writing Center (2nd floor of the Tredway Library for those of you who don’t know where it is), and I tutored two amazing students on Tuesday. For obvious confidentiality reasons, I’m not going to […]

Welcome to Augie!

So welcome week has come to an end, activity after activity. Each has been so much fun! Well except the hour speech about ITS on Monday… I knew almost all of what she had told us, plus it can all be found online… Then I was stepped on by guys when they pushed their way […]

Theatre People

(Shut up, WordPress; I did not spell ‘theatre’ wrong) So, week one is done. Wait no. My brother is telling me the weeks here end on Sunday. 26 hours to go, I guess. I’m adjusting well. Getting into the mix of things. Slowly but surely making friends. My plan so far is to meet people […]

Only TWO weeks!!!

It has been two weeks since I have moved in. If I could explain the way I’m feeling at this moment it would be this: dkfmekfnwekjfhejdndkjnwej!!!!! I just made that word up. Truthfully there is probably no word anywhere that can explain the way I’m feeling. It is weird when I think about just two […]

Moving In, Moving On

The day that I thought would never arrive is finally here! (Well, it arrived last Thursday) I woke up at 5am to make my journey to Augustana. As the windshield was being pounded with rain and the sky turned the color of midnight, I prayed that this wasn’t some omen telling me to turn around […]

Week One = Done.

Well, I’m so glad to have survived my first week of college!  A ton of homework, yes, but some really awesome professors!  I’m amazed that most of them are less than 40 years old. (One of them, I swear, doesn’t even look old enough to have a Ph.D.  I literally sat in my seat and […]