A window inside life at Augustana College

An Amazing Experience

As the school year drew to a close, I began to get more and more excited for my trip to Florida. I was one of 6 that were selected to partake in a week long internship at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine, Florida. I was the only sophomore (going […]

Starting New

It’s a little weird not being in High School anymore. I would be watching TV and suddenly remember that I am not an High School-er, I’m in college now. Now that some of my days are extremely busy and others are extremely boring I have been getting used to this new-found freedom of stupid busy work […]

Not Just a Bunch of Meetings

Summer Connection was a whirlwind of new faces, tons of information and a lot of fun.  I met so many people and there is no way I can remember all of their faces or names.  Every experience helped me validate that I had indeed made the right decision by choosing Augustana.  I am not going […]

Summer Connection

Hello all!  I am so excited to write my first blog post about Augustana! 🙂 I had summer connection today and it was such a blast! The ice breaker questions that the peer mentors asked were pretty funny and made you think, that’s for sure! I am so glad to have met quite a few […]

New Beginnings

Most of my friends just recently decided on where they wanted to go to school this fall. These are the kids that waited until the last possible second to send in a decision. Personally, I never had to worry about that. Even though I was asked many times “What do you want to study?” to […]

Moving Forward

You would think, or I least I did, that by leaving high school you leave all the high school issues behind. By that, I mean all the stereotypes or cliques you thought were only in high school. Today, I realized this wasn’t the case. There are all types of people here. Jocks, klutzes, the obnoxiously loud […]

Summer Connection!

From the ice-breaker to the ice cream today was a blast! And to top it off, nothing/nobody was even remotely as scary as I was prepared for 🙂 In the morning everyone seemed just as nervous and awkward as I was but all it took was sitting next to someone and simply saying “Hi, I’m […]

Summer Connection

Well everyone, the Summer Connections are finally underway!  I had the pleasure of getting to attend the very first Summer Connection of the year and loved it!  They really tell you everything you may need to know for move in day/the first week of attending Augustana College!  After attending the SC, you will finally feel […]

Augustana: Making the world a little bit smaller

Who do you run into when you are 932 miles away from Augustana? Your communications advisor of course! To start off my summer, I visited friends I made in DC last year. We traveled from DC to Maryland to Pennsylvania to Delaware. While we were in visiting Philadelphia for the day, I met up with […]