A window inside life at Augustana College

Three Tips on Employment

First-years on work-study, hear my call. Have faith, keep trying and you will probably succeed in finding a job on campus. Sophomores, juniors and seniors have a much wider range of job options available to them. They know professors, they know people who will recommend them for positions. Once the jobs in the library and […]

Registered for senior year classes. Say what?

Last Friday marked the first day of the lasts – I registered for my last Fall term ever. Despite this sad fact, I got all the classes I wanted! I am taking: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30am– COMM451: SI – Traditional Research 12:30am–POLS301: Parties & Politics 3:30pm–HEPE133: Ballet 5:45pm–MUEN403: Concert Band Additional classes with no set times yet […]

In Memory of Corrine Jeffries-Conway 4/20/11

It’s crazy how a year can feel like yesterday, because even though I woke up this morning at 6:30am to register for senior year classes, or the fact that all the other stresses of the week were still there; all I could think about was a year ago today you passed away. So while working […]

Leslie’s Log, entry 24: it’s late, so I’ll be brief

What is going on in Leslie’s mind in less than 400 words: Who: Leslie Carranza; the ladies (and some gentlemen) of Seminary; prominent peeps in my LSFY class; my mom; AfroReggae. What: pain… and the fact that I cut metal for the first time ever; the flood that struck, the teamwork that cleaned it up […]

Gearing up for senior year!

It’s not often when you look at your life and are fairly happy with the way things are going. At this point in time though, I am stoked for my summer and my senior year! Here are a few reasons why: I am interning with WGN Radio this summer. Considering 50 people applied, I could […]

How to have a lovely day

I stumbled upon this list and figured it deserved to be shared along with a nice background. Granted, I already somewhat follow the instructions on a regular basis, but we all need some sort of reminder every now and again.

Following the road to the Greek World

It’s been a long time since I’ve last blogged but that’s because I have been busy, busy, busy! As if I didn’t have enough with classes and all of my extracurricular activities, I decided to rush in February. When I first came into college I didn’t know much about sororities and fraternities. Most of what […]

The inside scoop of deciding on where to live freshmen year!

I get a lot of questions from incoming freshmen on where to live for their first year here at Augustana, and it is hard to say because not everyone enjoys the same things. There are a TON of factors that determine where you should live and I will try my best to get them all, […]

A fruit basket of thoughts

So I couldn’t figure just one topic for this post to be about, so I decided to combine all my posts into one! This past Friday, I was able to be a moderator for the Student Government presidential debate. There are three candidates and this has been one of the most intense races I have […]

Letter #6: Dear Mama,

Letter #6 April, 2nd 2012 Dear Mama, To my readers: Again, I apologize for not having this updated, I keep trying to go back in time and give updates, but I have decided to skip all of that and just give an overview of the past 2 months. I will continue to update this, and […]