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Letter #2: Dear Mama,

Letter #2: January 20th, 2012
Dear Mama,
Everyone at school is being very helpful with everything that is going on. Today, I feel a lot better, but still I am broken inside. I know that I won’t be able to go home for another 2 weeks to see you, and that hurts me so much, but I […]

Letter #1: Dear Mama,

Letter #1: January 19th, 2012 Dear Mama, When I first got the text message that said “call me,” I was actually quite nervous that I was in trouble for something. It was around 5:30pm and I was sitting in my office in Denkmann on Thursday, January 19th. I called the house, and dad answered the […]

Introduction to: Dear Mama,

I have had this blog for a while now, however I have not written in it since I have been extremely busy with all that I am involved in. My life lately has not been the same, however. I have recently discovered that my mother has breast cancer and it tears me apart to know […]

bye bye winter term

Okay, so 3 things: 1. Sorry on the realz because I have not been blogging very often lately. I’ve been busy. Let’s leave it at that. 2. I’m drinking hot chocolate right now and it’s freaking delicious. 3. I can’t believe winter term is over!!!!!!!!! I thought winter term was going to drag on so […]

Super Bowl: College style

Although I don’t particularly care for football, the Super Bowl this past weekend was pretty great. First of all, Papa Johns said they would give away a free pizza and pepsi to every one of their rewards customers (which basically means you have an online account) if the coin flip was heads. And it was, […]

Home is where ever I’m with Panda

I love Panda, but that’s not important to anyone that isn’t me. However, this is adorable embodied.


So who is Tommy Treadway?

So who is Tommy Treadway? To most it is just a library, but to us Augie students, Tommy Treadway is much more than that! I remember hearing that once in college, I would never leave the library. During the first term of college I avoided the library. I preferred to get my work in done […]

College and Stages

This is you. This is me. We are in college in this hypothetical world of the “Yous”. College is a crazy time. It’s supposedly the best time in our lives. Right around the last week before finals, however, it feels more like the death of me. Now, throughout this “lengthy” year and a half that […]

Silly > Corny

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly ~Rose Franken Perfect example: the IKEA scene in 500 Days of Summer. Yes, things don’t end ideally, but it’s still beautiful :]