A window inside life at Augustana College

U.S. Air Force Academy Conference

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado to go to the National Character and Leadership Symposium – “Walk the Walk: Leaders in Ethical Action” at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA). While I’ve been to a few leadership conferences before, I learned more at this conference than any I’ve experience before — […]

So long winter term!

Winter term has officially ended and spring break has begun.  Grades were posted today and I’m pretty darn happy with how I did 🙂  This was one of my hardest terms yet.  I’m so glad it’s over.  Now that I have seen my grades I can relax and have fun! On Wednesday my friend from […]

Bittersweet Endings and New Beginnings

It’s Spring Break which means that Spring Term brings the last 10 weeks of my senior year and my last 10 weeks at Augustana before I enter the real world. I think the experience is bittersweet. Only in college are you able to live 10-15 minutes away from all your friends and experience so many […]

Spring Break!

While I’m not technically on spring break yet (I still have one more final that I need to study for and take), I figured I might as well blog while I still have time. This spring break is probably going to be the busiest and best spring break of my life! All-in-all, I have about […]

List of things to do over finals week

Considering I only have one final now, which is on Thursday, I have three days to do basically nothing. So I decided to make up a list of things I will do, so I can feel like I was productive. 1) Learn how to play N64 2) Finish season 3 of Greek 3) Figure out […]

This week’s obsession

Not sleep! Whoa. Though it probably should be on account of finals… NAH (I may regret this come monday ._.) I recently stumbled upon rainymood.com (not through stumbleupon, but brotips :]), which is basically just continuous rain. It’s rather lovely. While on the site, it recommends a song to play while listening to the rain. […]

Letter #5: Dear Mama,

Letter #5 February, 11th 2012 Dear Mama, I am very glad that the term is finally over, it was a long day and I still have some work to do, but overall I think everything went alright this term. The boys and I have finally been able to relax a little bit. I am really […]

Reasons Why I Love Living in Dorms.

On your way back from a friends house around 1:30 am, you try to pick up a pizza, are informed the lobby is closed and that it can only be delivered and the pizza guy says “So, is this going to Westerlin?”   When you walk in the building at 2am there is a security […]

Letter #4: Dear Mama,

Letter #4 February 9th, 2012 (Present) Dear Mama, I am glad that I got to see you last weekend, and I am even more hurt that we got bad test results back and know that the situation is worse that we had thought. Despite that, however, I am feeling more confident than ever that we […]

Letter #3: Dear Mama,

Letter #3: January 28th, 2012 Dear Mama, Today is the day of Dance Marathon! It is very exciting and I hope that it all goes really well. I am pretty tired since I stayed up all night Thursday studying for my accounting test, but it was worth it, since I got 100% on it! I […]