A window inside life at Augustana College

Mr. Augustana & WAUG Fest

My first weekend back at school was pretty much fantastic. On Friday night, the Chi Alpha Pi sorority hosted Mr. Augustana. Basically it’s like a male beauty pageant. There is a talent portion, swimsuit wear, and Q&A. What was really cool was this year, they had last year’s winner (Carl) do his talent again. Out of […]

The Move

So, remember how I was living in a lounge in Westerlin? What my first blog post was about? Well, right before break, one of my roommates and I moved to a permanent room in Seminary residence hall. I now have two roommates, instead of three like I used to, and I really, really love living […]

Why the Cubs won’t, and shouldn’t sign Prince Fielder

The Chicago Cubs have been the often-talked about favorite in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes of late. The 27-year old first baseman is coming off a season where he hit .299, with 38 home runs and 120 runs batted in, numbers quite similar to new Angels signee Albert Pujols (.299/37/99), whose freshly signed contract of 10 […]

Word to the Wise

Its week five and I haven’t posted anything in who knows how long.  That is due to my schedule… here’s a word to the wise, when your schedule looks like this: Monday:Anatomy 8:30 – 9:45, Religion 10:00-11:15, Organic Lab 1:30-5:20, MPB Meeting: 5:00-5:30, Latinos Unidos: 6:00-6:30  (then homework the rest of the day) Tuesday: Psych: […]

To be like Lulu & the Lampshades

This video has changed my priorities in life.  I plan on performing this with a determined friend. We’ve spent the past day or so working to master the technique. It’s going to be beautiful ^_^

A Tuesday Night.

Time: 8:24 pm. Date: January 10, 2012. Location: my room. Weather: unseasonably warm. Sounds: chatter in the hallway and Lana del Rey. Sights: a cluttered desk and the computer monitor. Tastes: grapefruit juice and trail mix. Smells: nothing because my sinuses are stuffed up. What I am doing: wasting time on the internet and writing […]

Winter Break: The Little Things and Procrastination

Winter break at Augie is literally just that–a break.  At most colleges, it’s a time to relax before a fresh new start.  At Augie, it’s a short period to briefly relax and procrastinate on the homework you have due right when you return.  Although winter break passed a bit too quickly (don’t worry, I still […]

When Decepticons Attack and Delete Your iTunes

This is a public service announcement to all students: SAVE IN MULTIPLE PLACES   Recently, I had an epic battle with those evil alien robots, the Decepticons, that have invaded my computer. They have been causing all kinds of mischieve like crashing my laptop, deleting important files that may or many not hold the cure […]

Winter Break: How I met Mickey Mouse & visited Hogwarts

For the last week of winter break, I got to go on vacation with my family to Orlando, Florida. That being said, I am incredibly sad that break officially ends tomorrow. Since they say pictures speak louder than words, I am going to show you all my break through pictures  (especially since I brought my new […]