A window inside life at Augustana College

Week 1: Done

So… after an awesome fall break (two visits to my high school, and one book signing by Christopher Paolini), it was strange getting back here. Week 1 was… vaguely unsettling. I guess I like my routine and I had it all figured out by the end of last term. And then everything changed. Different times […]

See ya fall, hello frigid temps

Sorry for not posting last week but it was our fall break (Augie has 3 terms which are 10 weeks long) so I was little busy, plus I really had nothing new to report since my last post.  My break was wonderful and so relaxing.   I caught up on all of the sleep I lost […]

Getting Paid…to Talk!?

When I first came to campus I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work or not. Being a first year, I decided to wait and see how classes went and then decide whether or not I could handle it. Fall term was a little stressful at times but overall it went fine and I also […]


Just a note before you you read this post, its long and I’m more than likely making up half of it as it has been a week since the events I’m about to talk about.  Oh well, it should be worth it, I half promise you. If you read til the end and decide that […]

I said brr it’s cold in here

So winter term has officially begun! And it is actually starting to get cold out. Gosh darn it… This term I’m taking: French 331 (Intro to Lit), LSFY 102 (Hades to Hell), Africana Studies 101, and Psych 100. So far I really like all of my classes and all of my teachers so I’m super […]

A Cold Day in Autumn

There’s a stretch of rural road near Cambridge, Illinois where suddenly the pavement finds itself reduced, narrowed and flanked by grasses. It is a surrounding that seems at once altogether foreign and yet so fundamentally familiar as one climbs the hill through the waving seed-heads. Whenever I find myself along this stretch (a rather frequent occurrence), […]

Fall break & winter term

Every fall break I tell myself I’m going to be productive and get a lot accomplished. I’m always going to read at least 10 educational books, apply to a lot of internships, and hang out with my friends every day. While I can’t say I had the most productive fall break, I watched seasons 4-6 […]

Oh…yeah, this thing.

Ramble, ramble, ramble. I guess that’s all that I can do since I can’t think of anything to write at the moment. I’m waiting for my chem lab to start right now.  Mondays and Wednesdays are the worst because I don’t get a break once I start the day until 4:30. But you know… it […]

Those Late Nights

Location: Anywhere I think my favorite nights are those ones where you look at your friends, all of you unsettled and bored, until one person finally asks what you all have been thinking: “You want to go somewhere?” Suddenly, it’s like the apocalypse broke out and everyone is desperately planning their escape route. It’s a complicated matter […]

Back on campus

So I know it’s been awhile since I had the chance to blog and I apologize for not keeping everyone updated. Finals week was….interesting. I practically lived in the library. The finals themselves were a tiny bit less terrifying than I thought they would be. All the studying paid off and I am happy with […]