A window inside life at Augustana College

Chase your dreams

To whomever reads my blog, I apologize for the shortage of posts in the past month. With saying that, we’ll pick up from what I’ve been up to at Augie the last few weeks. Going all the way back to fall break, I enjoyed it. I stayed on campus because of football and loved every […]

A Tribute

I’ve meant to post this for quite a while now; before I catch up with anything else, I wish to halt all other thoughts and dedicate this particular post to a certain overshadowed student organization! It might be helpful to garner more publicity considering the recent decline of members due to school schedules becoming far […]

Learning Communities aka Augustana loves Alicia

Words cannot even express how much I love my learning community “The American presidency in times of crisis: Politics and rhetoric” this term. For those of you who don’t know a learning community, or LC is, it’s two separate classes (that tie into each other) taught by two different professors, with the same students. The great […]

3 weeks and counting!

Hello all! I made it back to Augie safely just a couple of hours ago after an amazing and relaxing Thanksgiving break. Only three more weeks until Christmas break! I love the holidays, there is so much Christmas cheer and happiness that you have no other choice but to be happy! 🙂 I love love […]

Rest in peace, my dear Georgie.

On November 21st, I notice at approximately 11 am that my pet betta fish, Georgie, isn’t moving; I flushed him off to a better place. At about 12:30 am that same day, I cleaned his bowl (which is actually a cube) to try to make him feel better because he seemed really down. After I […]

Haven’t blogged in forever! :(

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not blogged in forever, the last of the term, fall break, and beginning this term left me busy what felt like all the time! I am assuming that everyone finished the last term alive, and had a nice fall break! One thing I really wish would change is that school […]

The Multitude of Nerddom

Augustana has never ceased to amaze me with its multitude of clubs offered to students. Recently I was called to appear in a photo for the Augustana website that had the presidents of new student organizations in it. We were asked to bring a prop that represented our organization so that we could be identified […]

25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

While “Stumbling” I came across this video, this lady shows 25 ways to tie a scarf. I thought this would be a very informative video especially with the colder weather progressing. I found it useful because I have like 4 scarves I wear all the time in mostly the same manner so now I can […]

New Term, New Topics, New Stress

By the end of Fall Term, I was more than ready to be home. By the end of break, I was more than ready to be back. My relationship with college is definitely a love-hate one. This term I am taking French 331: Introduction to French Literature, Psychology 100: Introduction to Psychology, Honors 122: Seeking […]

Goodbye Stress, Hello Peace

My last post was about one of my biggest enemies, Week 10.  This post, however, will ramble a bit about one of my newest and most delightful friends–Week 1. Since Augustana’s on trimesters, we recently started our winter term.  Most people are taking four classes; however, I only have to take three thanks to taking […]