A window inside life at Augustana College

PARIS!! :)

So this post is a continuation of my last post.  We have now left Taize and have arrived in the amazing, wonderful, beautiful, spectacular city of Paris, France!! I have wanted to go to Paris ever since I started taking French my freshman year of high school.  So let me tell you, I was on […]

Fishing for class

So on Friday, my class went out to sunset marina where we siphoned for fish. We went out to the Mississippi river where we put these huge nets that had wooden circles on the top of the the net and a lead line on the bottom. In the middle of the net, there was a […]

Preparation for homecoming!

When you only have ten weeks (plus finals) a term, time seems to go by really, really, really fast. I picked all of my classes for next term and finally got all the classes I want for once. That’s one of the perks of not being an underclassman anymore, those who aren’t in your major […]

Strawberries and Augie Fruit Dip

Life is like strawberries and Augie fruit dip, so sticky yet so sweet!! I have had a couple of sticky-sweet situations pop into my life in the past few weeks. Like delofting my bed. Before: Now comes the hard task. Take out all of the stuff underneath–check. Take out all of the clips that hold […]

Just a small town girl…

I have never pictured myself as a “country girl” in any shape or form… until I came to Augie. Just about all of my friends and anyone else I meet here on campus are from Chicago suburbs; on occasion, I’ll find the few from other cities or big towns.  I, on the other hand, have […]

Rock Island

I’m from Chicago aka the greatest city ever. I love it. Coming from Chicago to Rock Island has been a big change. I never thought that coming from a big city to a smaller town would ever be this difficult. Before I start, excuse my bias towards city life, my lack of truly knowing my […]

Adventures of: The Goddess of Leaves

I wrote this story/rant around this time last year, and can see it still applies, much to my dismay: It was then that I saw it.  The leaves that until today had been rivers of colors surrounding trees, reaching towards the sidewalks, an array of crunching steps to brighten just anyone’s day.  But what I […]

College Fashion Across the US

Elle \”Big Style on Campus\”

What signing Theo Epstein means for the Cubs

Tuesday evening, the rumors were swirling. The Red Sox were going to let Epstein leave Beantown. Once the youngest general manager in the game, Epstein led the Red Sox to two World Series championships and reversed the infamous ‘Curse of the Bambino’ that ravaged Red Sox Nation for over 90 years. Wednesday morning, Epstein agreed […]

Different Colleges

Last weekend, I traveled with the Augustana Women’s tennis team to Carthage College for our last meets for the season, conference. It ended up going well, and the team got forth place. As I was watching some of the matches, I left for a little while and wandered around the Carthage College Campus. Before I […]