A window inside life at Augustana College

Winter Term Classes :)

One thing I truly love about Augustana is the Liberal Arts aspect of it. Registering for winter term just got over with. Determining what 4 classes I wanted to pick was not easy!! There are just so many amazing classes to choose from. But I love the fact that I am faced with this problem. […]

Happy Birthday!

Ohh noo! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a few days, more like eleven to be specific, but whatever, its been a while. And it was my birthday two days ago! I’m no longer a teen and I’m twenty. I feel old!  Birthday’s here at school are way different from those at home.  I went […]

Not just a number

One of the great things about Augustana is the fact I’m not just a number. I’m not just a student in POLS101 to my professors, I’m Alicia Oken in POLS101. This is one of the reasons I wanted to to go Augustana. I wanted to attend a liberal arts college where I could go to […]

Fingerless gloves sorta day

This morning following my 8:30 history class, I walked over to Freshen’s, the usual table.  I opened itunes, which my friend had recently updated with a bunch of her albums.  Playing through them, I came upon something quite magical.  It was Schizophrenia (Rochester Sessions) by Jukebox the Ghost.  It was love at first listen.  Schizophrenia  […]

Finally time to relax….AKA Week 8 Is FINALLY OVER!!!!

So week 8 left me extremely exhausted after a quiz, paper, exam, and essay. So come the weekend, decided to kick back, relax, and have some fun. Friday night, my friends and I went to intramural bowling. We are in no way, shape, or form professional bowlers. In fact, we looked down right hilarious! We […]


One of the things I would say that I love the best about Augustana is the likelihood of school faculty inviting you into their office for tea and chitchat. This has happened to me twice so far, once when I broke down in my LSFY class a mere few weeks ago (a Scandinavian professor happened […]

That awkward moment when…

some people are waving at you but they are pretty far away, so you can’t really tell who it is, so you don’t do anything…but then they keep waving, so you think, “Maybe I do know them,” and so you just wave back…but then as you approach each other, you realize you actually don’t know […]

Autumn is a good word

Guess what? It’s cold outside. That whole summer in the fall thing has officially ended. We are now experiencing real autumn weather, which in retrospect isn’t all that cold, but compared to what we’ve been having it definitely is a change. But on the plus side, they turned the heat on in the dorms so […]

Why I Miss Emerge

Because Emerge is the best thing ever! Seriously I am soooo (extra o’s for emphasis) glad I chose to be a part of Emerge. I met some awesome people, especially in the awesome Group 4 (fo’ Life!). I learned a lot about how to be, not just a better leader, but a better person in […]

Five Differences Between High School and College… That You Might Not Have Known Before

The title’s pretty self-explanatory. Everyone always tells you college is a whole different ball game. And there are some fairly obvious differences: you take far fewer courses in college than high school but the workload is much larger, you live among people your own age instead of with your parents, it’s up to you whether you go to […]