A window inside life at Augustana College


It’s AUGIEWEEN! Woo hoo! I had a lot of trouble thinking of a costume this year. I had a lot to do because, well, it was week 10, and I am not a creative person, so it took me a really long time to come up with something. My friend and Bree and I finally […]

Fall, Football, and Friends

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, unfortunately I’ve been very busy with football and finishing up classes for the term. The equation sort of goes like this: Week 10+ Football= Good Grades- sleep. No matter how much sleep I lose I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything else. I complain every […]

You know it’s week 10 when…

For this week I have some observations about week 10 (the last weeks of classes when there are papers, projects and exams left and right). You know it’s week 10 when… The wireless is super slow in the library because the place is packed, You can’t find sit at your regular spot in the library […]

Studying For Finals…

is not fun. Which is why I’m taking a little break to say: Augie in the fall is B-E-A-Utiful. Here’s some proof:   I’d post more pictures but they just don’t do it justice. So, if you’re on campus already, get your nose out of those books (or wherever else they may be) and appreciate […]

A musing

Old Main looks incredibly eerie and also wonderfully… inspiring at night. I noticed this just a few days ago whilst on a walk to calm my nerves (week ten hasn’t negatively affected my psyche too much as of yet, though I suppose that might possibly change next term); needless to say, it evoked rather contemplative feelings […]

Homecoming Festivities!!

Hey everyone! So this past couple of weeks have been crazy!! Last weekend was awesome though and totally worth it. It was homecoming weekend! I was a pledge for APO and we competed in Yell. Thursday was the performance. It was a lot of work before the performance but totally worth it in the end. […]

My Worst Enemy

I recently met my worst enemy–Week 10. Week 10 is just like any other week at most colleges; however, at Augie, it is the week that completely engulfs your social life and free time.  For those of you who don’t attend Augie, we’re on the trimester system–10 week terms separated by breaks of roughly a […]

All Grown Up

My sister, Emma, came to visit this weekend. I’m incredibly glad she did. It’s always interesting to see how a younger person reacts to being on a college campus. Emma is sixteen, so not a whole lot younger than me, but nonetheless college is an experience that sometimes ages people…not exactly makes them old, really […]

That awkward moment when…

The funniest thing happened last week during Augustana’s annual Coronation and Sing (where they crown the court and then all of the Greek groups perform songs about Augustana to the tunes of different familiar songs, often with a theme like Lion King or Lady Gaga.) The men and women’s music fraternity and sorority filed in, […]

Goodbye week 9…Yikes! It’s week 10!?!

Oh geez….oh geez, oh geez, oh geez…… Yup it’s that time of the term…Week 10!! AHHHH!!!! Cue the creepy Halloween music. I have been pretty calm so far this trimester, but now I am feeling the pressure. Unfortunately though, it’s not just me. Pretty much everyone I know is at least a little bit freaked […]