A window inside life at Augustana College

rain rain go away and never come back. please.

I did not bring a raincoat or rain boots to college. This worked out really well when I woke up this morning to the sound of raindrops outside my window. Furthermore, I thought that the hood on my Augie sweatshirt would suffice as a shield from this monstrosity. Guess what? It didn’t. I have an […]

Week 5 in a nutchell….AKA Oh Geez its MIDTERMS!!!!!!!

So this week was midterm week……. I survived!!!!! I feel like exams were actually a bit anti-climactic. I had been warned by friends and family that college is nothing like high school and, well, they were right. Exams and classes in general are challenging, but they don’t waste my time. I don’t do mindless busy […]

Friday: Lazy and Amazing

note: pay no attention to the date this was posted (sadly, that may be exactly what you’re going to do now…) Monday – Thursday: 4 days of trying to keep up with scheduled commitments and scattered study time by downing 2 tall chai lattes with extra shots of espresso on average. My 10 foot high […]

A baggie full of Cheerios

The last time I had a baggie full of Cheerios was far too long ago: My words were shorter, a little bit sweeter, yet in need of some more flavor.

A music-filled weekend

Like most weekends, this one seemed particularly short. But it was filled with one of my favorite things in life — Music! For WAUG on Friday, I had to record Live on Campus. Live on Campus is one of my favorite parts of Fridays. Basically, CUBOM brings in different musical artist. They range anywhere from Augustana students […]

What a crazy life!

So, I had planned on talking about my France trip in this blog but I just don’t have the time now so you will have to wait until next week!  This has been another wild, exhausting week and it’s not over yet.  Just to explain how busy it is: I’m doing homework on a Saturday night at […]

A Greenwing Extravaganza Pt. 1

Treat yourselves to this, kiddos: Bizness-tUnE-yArDs The content of this post will be rather outdated, as it happened a week ago. However, in this past week I’ve been without a computer, so I couldn’t get any photos up. Last weekend was the first annual DARWIN CLUB/GLOBAL AFFECT GREENWING NATURE EXTRAVAGANZA (I made that name up […]

Busy Week, Busy Week(it never)ends.

What a crazy week it has been, and let me just say I’m so glad to finally have the weekend for some down time, although my weekends are pretty hectic as well. Earlier today I had my peewee soccer game (I’m a volunteer coach for the Rock Island sports complex) and the baby soccer studs […]

Blasting Pandora’s 17th Century Choral Music Radio Station

Life is like blasting Pandora’s 17th Century Choral Music Radio Channel…sometimes weird things happen. A lot has happened this week… 1. First real exam. In college they don’t tell you what will be on the exam. You just have know everything. It was my French 301 exam. Not sure how I did…kind of nervous. 2. […]

Here we go!

This is my first blog post ever! Get excited. So how did I get wrapped into doing this thing anyway? Well, I am an Admissions Ambassador on campus, which just means that I work in the Admissions office here on campus. On my first day of work, 8am on Monday morning of week 1, my […]