A window inside life at Augustana College

Arthur’s Deli

Location: On the corner of 30th Street and Black Hawk Rd. Price: $2 – infinite dollars. There are many things much too beautiful in the world to describe. One of those places? Arthur’s Garden Deli. I’ve made it a hobby of mine to bring friends and family there whenever they come into town. Arthur’s is a […]

Highs and Lows

Hello again! I’ve officially made it through midterms alive! Woo! And now back to the regular craziness of school… For this blog I’m going to try out something we did at the camp I worked at this summer- highs and lows. Basically, you say the low point and then the high point of your day/week […]

So basically…

Hello again!  I haven’t posted anything because I’m basically a lazy bum.   I do not have a good excuse except that if and when I do have down time, I like to sleep, read, or just play video games (mostly sleep).  Since last week I haven’t done anything interesting, my college life is mostly class, […]

A Good Night’s Rest

Life is like a good night’s rest–sometimes it happens, but often times, it doesn’t. Like last night when I stayed up until 3AM writing a paper for Logos and woke up at 7:45 to get ready for class (don’t let the 3AM thing scare you, I just procrastinate, we watched Stand-Up Comedy today in Logos.) […]


College is all about trying new things, right? Honestly, I’m not one who is usually open to new things..I like to stick to what I know. A few weeks back some friends invited me and my roommate to play tennis. I literally laughed at the thought of playing tennis. 1. I’m not too athletic, scratch […]

Eye Opener

Hello everyone! I apologize for not writing sooner, but I have been extremely busy and you will soon realize everything I am trying to juggle. When I left for school everyone said to me I would have the best time. “College is the best four years of your life.” I am going to be honest, […]

So I’ve Been A Little Busy…

So I sincerely meant to post days ago but as you can read from my title, I’ve been a little busy super, crazy busy. I’ll start with my weekend two weekends ago. Saturday. Early. (Like NINE AM early!) I met up with Latinos Unidos (LU) for the Mexican Independence Parade at Casa Latina. We got all […]

Thumbs Up for Midterm Week!

Watch this YouTube video in its entirety before reading my post!   This, my friends, is me at this very moment in time. Study.  Eat.  Write a paper.  Study some more.  Sleep if I’m lucky.  This was my routine for about the past week, and it’s made life seem a bit unbearable at times.  I’ve learned one […]

Heh, Fall.

The colors of the leaves change, and that warm air gives way to a cold breeze that chills you to the bone. The nights come sooner, leaving that comforting sight of daylight behind and dead. Many see this as a nuisance; that cold weather is upon us. Walking in the darkness, feeling the chill of […]

Augie Internet, Procrastination, and Homework.

Bluntly said…Augie has terrible internet- unless you’re in the library then I find it’s usually alright. For anyone trying to check Facebook, email, do some homework (so, more Facebook), research, etc..its a pain. The fact that most of the time it takes my computer FOREVER to connect to the internet and load whatever website I’m trying to […]