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Italy blog #2

Bonjorno from Roma!!! Hello all! Finally have access to the internet again, so here’s the short version of what we’ve been up to- Venice- gorgeous, took a tour of a historical palace that had beautiful art and had a little time to explore the city, shop, and eat, before hopping back on the buses to […]

Italy blog #1

Greetings from Venice! After a long plane ride, we finally made it! We spent the day in Verona today were we saw Juliets balcony and a mini version of the Coliseum. The city was absolutely beautiful and our first Italian pizza and scoops of gelato were delicious! Our first concert tonight went very well and […]

Spring Break 2011: We’re all O”K” to go…

Hey Guys- So, fresh off my Blog-Off(once again, thanks for the help on that one Katrina), I find myself standing at the door of Spring Break.  Obviously, this is my last Spring Break of my College career, so how am I spending it?  By schlepping down to Appalachia for a week and descending into chronic […]

A Valentines Day Blog-Off (the Matt Hallberg remix)

So, for all of you people who follow the AugieBlog with more fervor than your favorite Soap Opera, you may have seen my fellow Blogger Katrina Jensen put up her entry in the Blog-Off.  If you have, then you know the back-story.  If not, here it is:  I was at chapel this past Wednesday, and […]

A Valentines Day Blog-Off

Well friends, it’s officially been a whole term since my last blog entry (I always seem to find inspiration during finals week to write something, procrastination, maybe?). Along with persistent prodding from my father, my main motivation for writing this entry came from fellow blogger Matt Hallberg. We were at chapel one night and Matt […]