A window inside life at Augustana College

The extinction of avoiding people.

I can’t go anywhere without people trying to ‘chat’ me. It used to be that people could just shout to you if they were nearby. Then people could call you. You never knew who it was, so you picked up the phone every time. Then caller ID was invented and we could not answer the […]

So much time and so little to do…wait, that’s not right…

It’s already the end of the first week of senior year, and it flew by just as I was hoping/afraid it would. Whoever said senior year is a breeze, clearly did not attend Augustana College in my situation. I’m starting my senior civic engagement, which is the speech comm senior inquiry. We have to research a […]

A fall back into reality.

Well, the first day of my last year has officially concluded. I realized on my way to my first class that I have gotten all the wiser, but not all the less clumsier or rushed. After falling up the stairs in front of about 20 students I promptly texted my family and friends about my failure […]

3 years ago today…

… I drove into the parking lot of Andreen Hall and started the process of making Augustana College my home. I was a little nostalgic this morning as I realized this fact. It seems as if the last 3 years have flown by and yet I feel as if I am a totally different person […]

Achievement, Conclusion, and Unfinished Business: one part of the Gulf Coast story wraps up…

     A couple of weeks ago I was checking my email before I started work, and I saw a newsletter from Camp Victor saying that they were closing down at the end of August, which brings back some memories…      I know most of you are wondering right about now, “What in the world is Camp Victor?”  That […]

Summer 2010 comes to an end

So it is my last week in Elmhurst before I move back to the Quad Cities on Sunday. Here is a link to a song I was listeining to this morning. Yes, I will admit that I listein to a little bit of country. Although, I am no longer 17, these words really resonate. And […]

Summer 2010!

So it’s August already of my first summer of college!  I never thought I would hear myself say this but I am ready for school to begin.  It seemed like in high school I could not wait for summer.  I would have baseball and get to hang with my friends on a daily basis, but […]