A window inside life at Augustana College

Final week in Houston!

Hey all, My summer in Houston is coming to an end, but it seems like there is still so much to do before my plane leaves on Saturday! For our final projects, we are required to prepare a research paper as well as a presentation of our findings. While this is not necessarily that difficult […]

R.I.P Uncle Hack

Tonight at 7:20pm, my Uncle Hack passed away. He was my hero. Ralph Pasquerella had a long and amazing life. He leaves behind his daughter Sylvia. He was a World War II Veteran. He worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps. He always told me to study hard in school. He went to church every single […]

A peek behind the curtain

You know that feeling when you’re sitting in the audience at a theater production waiting for the show to begin and then all of a sudden the curtain opens, just a little at first but then becomes wider and wider revealing the very beginnings of all the excitement about to unfold? My past week has […]

Summer Memories / Future Dreams

Dreams by Langston Hughes Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a breen field Frozen with snow. I have been home for almost two months but, i had already made memories I will never forget. […]

I think I made the right choice anyway…

     Okay, so this past Thursday and Friday my sister Marie ran off to East Lansing, Michigan for her orientation at Michigan State University.  When she got back on Friday night, she was telling us all about her days there and what they experienced, while my mother was complaining about the idiots who were at […]

Number One

Who doesn’t like to finish first? Or be the favorite in a crowd? Or have, what seems to be like… everything? Everyone of us have some-type of individual that we admire, maybe so much that it causes us to become jealous. This among many other things, will be one of the experiences you will face […]

How do I get involved on campus? What can Augie offer me?

When I first came to Augustana I knew that I wanted to be involved with organizations, club, athletics, etc. However, where do you start? The first couple weeks of any college are going to be hectic, regardless of where you go, and many opportunities will arise in a short amount of time; it is not possible to […]

Hurricane Fun!

After a long week of work, we let all our stress out getting dirty jumping in the mud puddles left by Hurricane Alex around Rice University! Getting muddy is one of my favorite things in the world, so it was a much-appreciated break from the stresses of work. Here we are with the Augie A […]

First Entry-Woohoo!

Hey Guys- I know that since this is my first entry on the AugieBlog, ideally it should be this big, grandiose telling of my life and how I got to this point in it(okay, probably not, since I’m not that dramatic…).  However, I really don’t have time to do anything that detailed, as I’m on […]

Hurricanes and Health Care

Hey all! Just a little update from Not-So-Sunny-Anymore Houston! It’s hurricane season now down here and boy, have we been noticing. For those of you not following along at home, the first hurricane of the season, Alex, has hit land. Now, its not close to us, its more down by Mexico, but we are still […]