A window inside life at Augustana College

Freshmen Year!!!

Its week 8 of my last trimester as a freshmen here at Augustana.  I know its totally cliche to say how time has flown by…BUT IT HAS!!! It seems like just yesterday I was hauling my clothes up the stairs of Erikson wondering how this year was going to go.  Like most freshmen I had […]

Doughnuts and wedgies

Due to popular demand, I am writing a blog for the week! And boy, did I ever pick a bad week to not keep up with blogging. To begin, this week has already presented many concerns that I’ll have to worry about in the future with classes and jobs for both the present and near […]

Ice Cream WORLD RECORD????

Guess what?!?!?!? Next Tuesday, May 20th, everyone in the Augustana Community and the surrounding area will have the chance to be involved in setting a world record right here on our campus!!! At 5:30pm on the football field, we will be forming (hopefully) the world’s longest ice-cream licking chain. We need to have more than […]

Why don’t we just dance?

Last night wasn’t my typical Friday night. The CSD department hosted a “Spring Fling” dance for all of our middle school-high school aged clients and it was a TON of FUN! We had “pamper time” in the clinic beforehand where the girls came to get their hair, nails, and makeup done by some of us […]

Why I hate (and love) Easter

At Augie, we are lucky to have an extended Easter break. We have both Friday and Monday off, making it a nice long 4-day weekend. I tend to find that Easter weekend is both a blessing and a curse. I made it home Saturday in time for a nice long nap and a quick run-through […]

Ghost town

Faster than I could even blink my eyes, we have reached Easter break. So much has led up to week four this year. The last two weeks were chaotic, but incredibly rewarding for me. I pulled the first all-nighter of the term during week three to design our AD’s planbook. It is my current pride […]